Pet commissions are welcome.
 I have always had a fascination and love for animals and I currently share my home with a number of pets including Tessa my adorable Staffordshire bull terrier. Drawing animals has always been a passion of mine, taking inspiration from local wildlife Artists Pollyanna Pickering, Steven Townsend and Gary Hodges who all work with sensativity and fine detail. After working on all manner of subjects, turning to our faithful companions in the end was a natural choice. I delight in trying to create the texture of soft fur on a flat piece of paper and bring out an animal's true nature through their eyes, capturing a message they cannot say out load.






 Family Portraits are also available.





 Customer Testimonials

All the comments below are from customers who have either bought an original drawing or has had a commission done. The names have been withheld to keep confidentiality. 

"Dear Elizabeth, We received your beautiful drawing today and we like it very much. Many thanks!" AR & SR, Suffolk, 7-June-2011

"Dear Elizabeth, Picture arrived safely & right on time. Our beloved Jess will always be with us while we have the picture. You have captured her so well, can't thankyou enough. I am sure other deerhound owners will be contacting you when they see Jess. Thankyou so much" HW & JW, Astwith-chesterfield, 8-July-2011

" Hi Elizabeth, picture arrived dead on one.o'clock, its just wonderful. Ished a tear just looking at it. The cheque is in the post today. Thankyou so much" HM, chesterfield, 4-July-2011

 "Just a note to say when we were in buxton a few days ago we bought your pencil drawing of the face of a highland cow that was exhibited in the Art & Craft Exhibition in the Gallery. 

"It is a delightful picture and you have really captured the melancholy look of these magnificant creatures. It is just right where we have placed and gives much pleasure - so thank you." DA &DA, 26-June- 2010

"Elizabeth, I honestly can't thankyou enough for this lovely thoughtful gift, we will cherish this always. Had a cry but with pleasure." PT, HopeValley-Derbyshire, 4-August-2010

"Hello. We saw you work last week at Buxton and bought a copy of the Highland cow, we love it! I think my partner would like to have the real thing, but having a small garden may cause a problem!! - you do have some lovely pieces, well done." AD, South Yorkshire, 30-June- 2010

"Liz, Thanks very much I love it " JG, HighPeak, 3-March-2010

"Dear Elizabeth, Tom adored his portrait of Rocky. Thankyou so much. I think I asked before but do you do pencil drawings of children? If so could you send me an image of one? Many thanks and sorry for the delay." JB, Cheshire, 19-November-2010

"Many thanks for a wonderful picture. Im so pleased with it and everyone who has seen it is impressed. Have to get you do do another in the near future!" MF, Leeds, 21-December-2011

" My parents loved the picture, especially his eyes (which follow you round the room!) they say you captured him perfectly. Thankyou again" LB,Sheffield, 9-January-2012

"Dear Elizabeth
Your drawing of Pumpkin is wonderful. 
It was quite an emotional experience looking at it. Visually, he was a beautiful cat - everyone wanted to pick him up on sight and also usually mistook him for a female cat, the first we know annoyed him and the second we presumed earned his indignation because there was nothing feminine about him. Your drawing not only captures how handsome he was, but for us there is something about it that captures the private Pumpkin we knew, the affectionate, determined and decisive friend, the side of him he showed to us and not the rest of the world. I have to admit shedding a tear.
Thank you so much.
I rather hope to be in Derbyshire again sometime in the second half of this year and if you are in Grindleford at the time, it would be great to meet you." MP, Australia, 22-January-2012

"Hello Elizabeth, Thank you very much for the drawing. It has arrived safely and looks wonderful. Now to search for a frame!" MF, Hampshire, 18-August-2012

"Wow!!!!!!!!!This looks absolutely fantastic! Even better than I had envisaged. Thank you so much, I can't wait to give it to him!" LH, Scotland, 09-September-2012