Size        Commission                                      Price            Size       Prints              Price      

A4          Head & Shoulders  Portrait              £70              A4        Small              £10-£15

A4          Body Portrait                                       £80               A3      Medium          £30-£40

A4          2-3 Head & Shoulders                      £100            A2        Large             £50-60

A3          Head & Shoulders  Portrait              £100

A3          Body Portrait                                        £110

A3          2-3 Head & Shoulders                      £130

A2          Head & Shoulders Portrait                £150

A2          Body Portrait                                       £160        

A2          2-3 Head & Shoulders                      £180

A2          2-3 Body portrait                                £200

A2          4+ Pets                                               £220-240


All orders are sent mounted & packaged by first class special Delivery (£7-£12 P&P)

 A 50% deposit must be made before the order is sent to the customers address.

Step 1

Send a Photograph either by email or post to Elizabeth's Address - Please make sure the image is of good quality. Visits by appointment to your home for photographs if necessary.

Step 2

Send a 50% Deposit either by cheque or bank card transaction to J E Furness, please allow 28 days for the order to be sent off (will be sent normally within 2-3 weeks).

Step 3

Once a proof has been shown  by email and you are satisfied with the order, it is then sent to your address. On arrival of the picture, please make sure the remaining balance is payable to J E Furness either by cheque or Bank card.


Note - All commissions welcome inc. Family/ Property/ Transport- Ask for details. 

*Gift vouchers Available. 

I look forward to hearing from you.